JASIRI The Teens Church

Meet Our Teens

Jasiri is the teenage arm of Trinity Chapel Mombasa, ministering mainly to youngsters between the ages of 14 -19. We run our services every Sunday 10:00am – 12:00pm concurrently with the Adult Services.



There are mind blowing stories in the Bible of young people who did great things for the Lord and are a wonderful example to us today. Stories of faith, integrity, generosity, bravery etc…

These are stories of young people who courageously lived out their faith in God despite the overwhelming pressure to conform to culture, facing difficulties or giving in to fear.

We believe that such young people still exist in this present time. Hence, JASIRI.

Our goal, is to develop courageous youngsters who will stand for the word of God and stand for integrity




We fully subscribe to Trinity Chapel Mombasa value system but we have simply collapsed this into a more youth friendly acronym we call C.R.A.Z.Y

C- Christ Centred Worship

R- Reproducing at all Levels

A- Authentic Relationships

Z- Zealous in Prayer

Y- Youthful in our Expressions