Kinara is a full-time, leader-development program designed to empower and instruct emerging leaders who are passionate about Jesus and intent on pursuing a life of ministry. Kinara is Swahili for ‘point man’ or ‘captain’ and our goal is to raise leaders who can speak into the issues of the day and bring kingdom focused solutions to the problems facing the world. Our leadership development program began three years ago to provide an avenue for young people to discover and clarify their calling to full time ministry. Kinara is a trans-formative experience that takes trainees into the “trenches” of ministry while developing personal character and spiritual growth. Training in Kinara will open up many opportunities for growth and engagement, both locally and internationally.


Who are we looking for? and “what are we looking for?

Age 21-27: We are looking for young men and women preferably between the age of 21 – 27 who are fully committed to full time ministry and who are willing to be aligned to the vision of Trinity Chapel Mombasa. The idea behind this age set is to be able to get those who are still young and still easy to work with. It is easier to work with younger people who are right from campus and those who are single and can be sent out either for an exchange program out of the country or for a church planting assignment.

Training: We are looking for University or college graduates. A formal education in any field of study will be a great plus for anyone interested in joining Kinara.

Paper work: by the time you are coming for the first interview, you needed to have facilitated us with the required documents which are: CV, filled Kinara application form, filled referee forms from at least two referees and a physical passport photo.



Applications to be sent to