HomeRun is the Strategic Capital campaign to Buy our own piece of property (land), Occupy the property and Build (Develop) the property.


A permanent well-built church location has been proven to increase not only church attendance but to free the church to be more visible and impactful in the community. We know that in some places buildings can hinder church but that is not the reality in Africa or Mombasa for that matter. Permanent location and meeting places designed for church communicate that the church is present and open for the community.  That is what we currently don’t get here in Bamburi.

So what will we get by our new Owned location

1. A Place of Increased prayer

With our own location, we cut down on rentals and focus that money into more ministry related ventures. The Bible says, my house shall be called a house of Prayer. We want to move to our own place so that we can increase times and meetings of prayer. Because it is meant for prayer, it will be open all times to enhance that in our lives. In fact, it will be even easy to hold overnight prayers because it will be our own place.

2. A Community Center

With our own property, we envision developing so that it is a church in the community and a church for the community. It is therefore why we will develop sports and recreational facilities around our center and also allows the community to access some of the services we offer that give life. We have been also thinking of the future designing our location so that the children classes can serve as school classes over the week.

3. Special Meeting rooms

Currently, we are house in Bamburi and there is little you can do with that space. Our own location will have well thought through meeting rooms for children that meet the needs of each age group. They will be clean and safe places for the children and will be equipped to all for care for children with special needs within the community.  For the teenagers and young adults, the site will allow them modern meeting places, sound proofed rooms that are fit for Worship and fun games.

4. Services Under one roof

Currently our church location is different form our office location. In the future site, we will merge the two and it will be so easy to access the help of a pastor and other inquiries. For those looking for wedding places and other rooms to hold social functions, the church will provide that for you.

5. A ministry and Missions Center

Because we believe that the future is young, we intend to set up at our location training facilities for our young children and teen. We will have dance and music studios and a beehive of missions training activities. Out of our center we will be able to send out young short term missionaries all over the world.

6. A place to relax

We Dream of a place that after church services, families will not be in a hurry to go because the place will provide fun and food joints that allow for extended family friendly fellowship and fun.